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Bringing your project to completion —

Whether it's new construction or an updated remodel


•  From Existing Homes to Remodels to all New Construction

•  From One Room to an Entire House to a Whole Complex

•  Apartments, Condominiums and Garages

•  Decks, wrought iron and wood fencing

•  Specialty Finishes (Faux Finishes, Murals, Stencils, etc.)


•  New construction and existing structure

•  Offices and Stores

•  Shopping Malls and Schools

•  Government Buildings

•  Steel Pipelines and Metal Ductwork


Thorough masking, patching holes, caulking cracks, priming, sanding and moving heavy furniture/fixtures are just a few of the services Brushworks Professionals provide as part of our painting package. Choose from a variety of paints, colors and finishes for a fresh, new feel. Or ask about our custom painting finishes.


Pressure washing, mildew removal, sanding, thorough masking, priming, caulking - Brushworks Professionals know the correct combination to properly prepare exterior surfaces for a new top coat. And we have paints and stains available in a multitude of colors for all surfaces to help protect against weather and UV exposure.


Outdoor living surfaces need as much care as the walls and roof of your home. Let Brushworks Professionals recommend the best paint, stain, and/or finish to help beautify and protect your decks, railings and wood fences from year-round exposure to both wear and the elements: sun, rain, wind, heat, cold, dirt, mold and mildew, sand, UV exposure.


Run Rust Out Of Town with The Brushworks! Our electrostatic sprayer, a state-of-the-art tool, allows for the quick and thorough application of paint to all types of metal, from steel siding to industrial pipeline, metal ductwork and wrought iron fencing. Whatever your metal needs, we can give it a new lease on life.


A complete kitchen make-over can cost upwards of $50,000. At a fraction of the cost, The Brushworks can give your kitchen a beautiful face-lift by refinishing your cabinets (doors and facing surfaces). We have a wide variety of paints and stains from which to choose, and also offer customized faux finishes for a truly unique look.


Mildew is more than unsightly; many health-related problems and diseases have been linked to mold and mildew exposure. Brushworks Professionals can remove mildew from a variety of surfaces and leave them clean, sanitary, and ready to accept your chosen topcoat, so that you can fully - and healthfully - enjoy your environment.


Water leakage destroys not only a structure's outer walls, but also interior walls and ceilings, causing unsightly water stains and creating a breeding ground for mold, mildew and rot. Brushworks Professionals expertly prepare exterior surfaces by filling all holes and cracks using the best wood fillers and caulking. Then we apply high quality paint, water repellant coatings or even Elastomeric paint to seal stucco or siding against water intrusion. And The Brushworks offers a manufacturer's 10-year warranty for labor and materials on complete home coverage Elastomeric applications.


Instrumental in properly preparing certain surfaces for paint or stain application when it's time to repaint, power washing can also help extend the life of your current painted surface. Dirt and grime worm into tiny cracks created by weather and expansion, damaging both the outer finish and the surface below. Brushworks Professionals scrub exterior surfaces clean by power washing to help prevent damage that can cause early paint failure - and lead to expensive repairs and repainting. Other surfaces, such as concrete and decks, can also benefit from a power wash cleansing.


Once you've signed aboard, The Brushworks offers Color Consultations with our Color Expert to help you choose a fabulous combination of colors that will please your eye, fit your lifestyle and give your home, office or building a designer look - without an exorbitant designer price tag. From contrasting trim to an accent wall, a whole room or an entire floor, or even a totally different color scheme for the exterior, our Professional Color Consultant will take you step-by-step through the process of evaluating and choosing the palette that will take your place from ordinary to extraordinary.